Welcome back to Trilogy!  
Our gyms, fitness classes, swimming pools, racket sports, The Forum Cinema and Berzerk are now open. Trilogy Swim School, Gymnastics and Football Academies have also returned with school holiday activities and Trilogy Holiday Playscheme operating this October half term. We will be announcing dates for our remaining Junior activities, health suites and our community programmes in due course. 
To keep our customers and colleagues safe fitness classes and swim sessions need to be booked in advance. Please note from 25 September there is no longer a requirement to book gym sessions in advance and our gym changing rooms including showers have re-opened. 
As we welcome you back, we want you to stay fit and healthy in a safe environment. We have some simple but effective rules in place that everyone must follow. Please read the information below. 

Revised Opening Times and Programmes 

We’ve opened in a measured way in line with the latest Government guidelines. This means initially our opening times will be shorter. 
As a COVID secure operator we are legally obliged to display a NHS QR code in our centres to support local test and trace systems. We are asking everyone who visits one of our centres and owns a smart phone to scan the QR code each time you visit. 
From 25 September gym sessions only will no longer need to be booked in advance. We will continue to limit the number of people training at any one time but members will be free to stay longer than the 1 hour currently permitted. Please ensure you check in at reception at Danes Camp, Lings Forum and Mounts Baths and swipe your membership card at Cripps and Duston so all visits can be recorded. 
Our gym changing rooms and showers will be re-opening on 25 September. Lockers will also be available from this date. 
From 25 September Junior Active members age 11+ will be able to train in our gyms again. Under 14's must be accompanied by an adult who is a Trilogy member. Find out more about 11+ gym use here 
Please arrive for your swim session wearing your swimming costume. Reduced swimming changing facilities are available for after your swim and showers are available at Cripps Recreation Centre (members only), Danes Camp and Lings Forum. Showers are not currently available at Mounts Baths. 
Swim lockers are available but we ask you only bring essential items, bags will not be allowed on poolside. Please remember a £1 coin for Danes Camp and Mounts Baths, all our centres are cashless for the time being so we will not be able to provide you with one. 
Some of your favourite fitness classes may not be on the timetable and Mounts Baths will not be running classes initially, but we are working hard to get back to a full timetable as soon as possible. Please ensure you book your fitness class in advance. 
We have removed mats from our classes for the time being. If you are attending one of our fitness classes please bring your own mat. 
We will continue to offer some classes online for members.  
Swim sessions are available at Cripps Recreation Centre (members only), Danes Camp Leisure Centre, Lings Forum Leisure Centre and Mounts Baths and can be booked online. 
Swim timetables are available to view here and sessions must be booked in advance here 

Keeping Our Centres Safe For Everyone 

We have introduced social distancing measures across our centres. Our cleaning and sanitising practices have also been increased. New procedures have been put in place and we are asking you to follow the guidance given. 
Protective screens and visible signage have been installed to help you enjoy your visit with us in the safest possible way. 
We have space markings on our floors to help facilitate social distancing 
We are spacing equipment 2 metres apart in our gyms. We are also limiting the number of people training at any one time. 
From 25 September our gyms will be closed for one hour in the middle of each day to allow for a deep clean of our equipment. See our centre opening times here for cleaning closure times for each centre. 
We are regularly cleaning high contact touch points throughout our centres 
We have clearly marked additional hand sanitising stations throughout our centres 
We are reducing fitness class sizes to accommodate social distancing 
We will not be allowing spectators to accompany anyone attending our general swim sessions 
You must wear the overshoes provided in our swimming changing areas to prevent contamination 
Our customers and colleagues health, safety and welfare is our upmost priority. 
If you are displaying any symptoms or considered to be in a ‘vulnerable’ group please stay at home and stay safe. 
Wash your hands and/or use the hand sanitisers provided when entering our buildings and at regular intervals throughout your visit. 
Be respectful of social distancing. Follow our clear floor markings and keep 2 metres apart from other people. 
Ensure you always clean machines and equipment before and after use with the cleaning materials provided. 
If you need to sneeze or cough please do so into a tissue and bin it after use. 
Do not come in groups larger than 6 to swim, please limit your numbers. 
We want you to enjoy your visit and help you to protect yourself and others. 

Please Wear A Face Covering 

Protecting each other - please wear a face covering. 
From 1 October, other than when participating in physical activity we are asking our customers over the age of 11 to wear a face covering when inside Trilogy centres. 
Whilst our colleagues are not required to enforce the wearing of face coverings by our customers we want to protect one another in the most effective way and therefore ask for your support on this important matter. 
Face coverings for anyone over the age of 11 should not be worn when participating in any physical activity in our centres such as swimming, gym use, fitness classes or racket sports 
Children under the age of 11 do not have to wear face coverings 
The following exemptions to wearing a face covering when not participating in physical activity apply: 
If you are unable to put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness, impairment or disability. 
where putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress. 
If you have an exemption card 
It is a legal requirement for customers within our Coffee Box areas, Cinema and Berzerk to wear a face covering. These can be removed when seated and consuming food and beverages. 
We are unable to supply you with a face covering 
Unless medically exempt, Trilogy colleagues will wear a face covering inside Trilogy centres with the following exceptions: 
Fitness Instructors are not required to wear face coverings whilst teaching a class 
Swim Teachers, Gymnastics and Activity Coaches are not required to wear face coverings whilst teaching or coaching 
Lifeguards within the pool environment and working on poolside are not required to wear face coverings 

Booking Fitness Classes, Court Hire and Swim Sessions 

All fitness classes, courts and swim sessions need to be booked online in advance.  
From 25 September we are removing the requirement to book gym sessions only. 
Please remember if you are booking a swim session under 8s will only be permitted with an adult and please note we operate a strict policy of two children under 8 per accompanying adult 
Members, Leisure Card Holders and Non Members can book fitness classes, courts and swim sessions 8 days in advance. 

Trilogy Online Fitness Classes 

Our Facebook LIVE INSANITY and P90X classes will continue to be available to everyone at weekends on the Trilogy Northampton Facebook page. From 3 August online classes Monday-Friday will be available to Trilogy members only through the Trilogy Members Online Classes Facebook Group.  
You’ll need to request to join and include your name and membership number in order to be given access. Please bear with us whilst we check your membership details before approving your request, unfortunately we won’t be able to approve anyone who hasn’t included their membership number. This can be found on your membership card, alternatively contact our customer service team on 01604 838333 and they will be able to help you find it. 

Colleague Training and Expertise 

All of our colleagues are fully trained on our new cleaning, sanitising and safety procedures to ensure they are delivered to the highest possible standards. 


Here are some questions you may have about your membership, our centres and activities and our cleaning and safety procedures. If your question isn’t covered in this section please click here to contact us. 
Adult Memberships 
Will my direct debit automatically restart? 
Yes, you do not need to do anything. You will receive an email communication from our direct debit provider Harlands before we re-open, with your direct debit collection details. 
Can my payments remain frozen if I am unable to return immediately? 
Yes, members can request a further 3 months freeze by contacting us here.  
Will the months missed whilst my membership was frozen be added to the end of my contract? 
Those members in a contracted term will have the closure period added onto their memberships. 
Can I have a refund for my membership fees that were collected whilst you were closed? 
Please contact us here to submit your refund request and we will be in contact with you. 
Do I have to give 30 days to cancel even though you have been closed? 
If you wish to cancel your membership the normal 30 day notice period is required along with the other terms and conditions detailed in your membership contract. 
Junior Memberships 
What about Junior Active Memberships? 
Junior membership direct debits will restart from week commencing 10 August as our pools re-open for family swimming. Trilogy Swim School and Gymnastics Academy return in phases during September, click here for more information. We do understand not everyone will want to return to our activities just yet. If you would like to continue to freeze your Junior Active membership for up to 3 months click here to self serve your request. 
Will my child’s swimming, gymnastics or football course space be saved? 
Whilst your Junior Active membership remains frozen your child’s space will be saved. If you decide to cancel the membership, your child will be removed from the register. 
How do I book a gym session, fitness class or swim session? 
The best way is to book online here. Book online is available 8 days in advance. 
You can also call us on 01604 838333 Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and 9am to 2pm at weekends. 
Can non-members book gym sessions, fitness classes and swim sessions? 
Yes non-members can book 8 days in advance. 
Can I book more than one session in a day? 
Yes, however if you book back-to-back sessions you will be required to leave the centre in between sessions whilst we clean the equipment and return at the start time of the next session. 
If I don’t have access to book online how can I book? 
You can call us on 01604 838333 Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and 9am to 2pm at weekends. 
Where can I find the new fitness class timetable? 
The new timetable can be viewed here  
When will your swimming pools re-open? 
All our swimming pools are now open. Swim sessions must be booked in advance here and timetables can be viewed here.  
When will swimming lessons restart? 
Trilogy Swim School is restarting in pahses during September. Click here to find out more about how we are keeping your child safe and their return date. You can see your child's class day and time by logging in/registering with the home portal here.  
When will gymnastics/football courses restart? 
Trilogy Gymnastics Academy restarts w/c 7 September. Find out more here.  
We anticipate Trilogy Football Academy will restart in October and will communicate a date as soon as we have it confirmed. 
Can under 16s use the gyms? 
From 25 September Junior Active members aged 11+ will be able to train in our gyms once again. Under 14's must be accompnaied by an adult who is also a Trilogy member. You can find out more about 11+ gym use here . 
How do I get a refund for a court/party I had booked whilst you were closed? 
We will contact you as soon as possible to resolve this. 
Is safe social distancing recognised/adhered to? 
Yes, the safety of our customers and colleagues is our priority. Watch our video to see how our Safe Environment Plan, based on the UK Active COVID-19 reopening framework and Government guidance is put into practice across our centres. 
What is the cleaning/hygiene regime in place? 
Our colleagues clean equipment and high contact points during opening hours. In addition our gyms only close for one hour each day for deep cleaning – cleaning closing times for each of our gyms can be found here. We ask all customers to wipe down the equipment once they have finished using it with the cleaning products provided. Please sanitise your hands at our designated hand sanitising stations and on entering and exiting our centres andthroughout your visit. 
Will staff being wearing PPE? 
All our colleagues have received comprehensive Covid-19 training. Where appropriate colleagues will wear personal protective equipment 
Can I train in a mask and gloves? 
You can if would prefer to do so, however we ask that you take them home with you and avoid disposing of them within our centres. We will not be providing PPE equipment for customers. 
If a person wears a masks or gloves in a gym or leisure facility will it protect them from COVID-19? 
Non-PPE certified masks are not certified to prevent the wearer from contracting COVID-19. They may, however, have some value in preventing the wearer from spreading COVID-19. 
Exercising indoors with a face mask may not be appropriate in all cases - a face mask increases the work of breathing which leads to greater ‘respiratory steal’ (oxygen consumption by the respiratory muscles in breathing), and increase the perception of effort (breathing and exercise). 
While gloves are useful in some circumstances, in a gym using hand sanitiser and wiping down equipment before and after use is more appropriate. 
WHO currently recommend that ‘people should not wear masks while exercising’ 
Will I need to have my temperature checked before coming into the centre? 
No, however if you are displaying any symptoms please stay at home. 
Can you pass Covid-19 from sweat? 
No, there is no current evidence that the virus can be spread by perspiration (sweat). 
This is supported for non-respiratory fluids by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) however, limited data is available on sweat/perspiration 
Do enclosed environments of gyms create higher risk of Covid-19 transmission than other indoor places, such as clothes shops, bars or restaurants? 
No, there is equal chance of getting COVID-19 in all areas indoors, the key is keeping social distancing in place, follow cleanliness guidelines and aerosolisation guidelines. 
We have introduced new cleaning, sanitising and social distancing measures in all of our facilities to ensure that our members can work out safely. 
Does physical activity (exercise) increase resilience to Covid-19? 
WHO recommends regular physical activity benefits both the body and mind. It can reduce high blood pressure, help manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers - all conditions that can increase susceptibility to COVID-19. 
Physical activity leads to improvements in immune health and metabolic health, both of which are linked to COVID-19 risk. Furthermore, physical activity is central in weight management and positive changes in body composition, which again are linked to COVID-19 risk. 
Does Air conditioning raise the risk of transmitting COVID-19? 
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have advised that the risk of air conditioning spreading coronavirus is extremely low. 
Is there an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission in a studio compared to the gym floor? 
As long as social distancing, cleanliness and the aerosolisation guidelines are followed then there is no increased risk. 
Can COVID-19 be transmitted in the water of a swimming pool and does this increase the risk of transmission? What is the risk in swimming pools? 
There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the water of pools 
The risk of transmitting person-to-person remains and all standard guidelines should be adhered to i.e. social distancing while in the pool and surrounding areas. 
What are your opening times? 
Monday-Friday 0630-2030 and weekends 0800-1700. 
Can I come into the centre to join? 
We would advise that you join online here or call our contact centre on 01604 838333. 
Will I have to queue outside? 
For pre-booked swim sessions, fitness classes and court hire please only attend 5-10 mins prior to your booked session. If you are using our gyms please check in with reception or swipe your membership card. You will be asked to queue outside should the number of gym users be at maximum capacity. 
Will the changing rooms be open? 
Our gym changing rooms, showers and lockers will be available from 25 September. If you are swimming with us please arrive with your swimming costume underneath your clothes. Reduced swimming changing facilities are available for after your swim and showers are available at Cripps Recreation Centre (members only), Danes Camp and Lings Forum. Showers are not currently available at Mounts Baths. 
Will lockers be available? 
Gym lockers will be available from 25 September. Swim lockers are available but we ask you only bring essential items, bags will not be allowed on poolside. Please remember a £1 coin for Danes Camp and Mounts Baths, all our centres are cashless for the time being so we will not be able to provide you with one. 
Will toilets be available? 
Toilet facilities are available. 
Will water fountains/drinking water be available? 
Water fountains are available at Cripps, Danes Camp and Lings Forum. If you are training at Duston Sports Centre or Mounts Baths drinks can be purchased from our vending machines or please bring your own. 
Can I bring my own workout mat? 
Yes, you will need to bring your own work out mat, we will not be providing them. 
Can I bring my own sweat-towel? 
No, we ask that you use the paper towels provided 
Will food and beverages be available in centres? 
Vending machines will be in operation and we ask that you pay by card. You can still purchase drinks from our CoffeeBoxes at Danes Camp, Lings Forum and Mounts Baths, these will be card payment only. 
Staying Fit Together In A Safe Environment 

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