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Return to Work Training 

Please familiarise yourself with our Safe Social Distancing Policy before returning to work.  
Please log into your iHASCO training account to gain access to the following training which should be completed before returning to work. Check your personal email account for messages allocating these courses to you. 
iHASCO Covid Awareness 
iHASCO Infection Prevention and COntrol 
iHASCO Returning to work during/after Covid-19 
iHASCO FAW Refresher (FAW qualified employees only) 
Covid-19 – Staff Questions – Our Answers 
(The answers to the questions below are what we understand the position to be at present : should this change or more information become available we will update the answers where necessary) 
Q. If I take up a second job to cover the lost 20%, can the pay exceed that 20% 
A. There is no limit on the amount you can earn in a second job, but you do need to be available to commence your hours with the Trust immediately after the furlough ends. 
Q. how do I access Wider Wallet, it asks for a code? 
A. To access these benefits go to and register using the code WW4662S. 
Q: Can I get part time work to make up my 20% where I have been furloughed? 
A: HMRC guidance says that you can be put on furlough by one employer and continue to work for another – but in accordance with the terms and conditions of your employment you may need to agree any additional employment with your line manager 
Q: Will payslips be posted out? 
A: We will post payslips out where possible 
Q: In terms of the intricacies of furlough if it is going to impact my other job by being furloughed on 2 different employers. If it does not affect my other income then I do not mind. 
A: This will not affect your other job. You can be furloughed in one job and still work the other. 
Q: How does this affect maternity pay? 
A: Maternity Pay will continue as normal. 
Q. I have being told about a covid-19 training course based upon working practice in the workplace. Is this correct and is there any plans to get us up to speed in this area? 
A. Please be advised that we have a draft phased opening plan for all sites, this includes safeguarding staff and customers, and training for staff is included within this plan. All staff will receive refresher training relevant to their role & specific Covid-19 training as part of the phased opening plans. We will be communicating directly with staff regarding the return to work once dates and timelines have been finalised. 
We are keen to get back up and running and bounce back stronger with the support of everyone in the team and we will aim to update staff as soon as possible . 
Money Saving Expert Advice on Coronavirus 
This website includes support on: 
Financial product support 
Help for renters 
Energy bill help 
Coronavirus and mortgage payment holiday 
The mortgage payment holiday will provide flexibility in repaying your mortgage by allowing you to stop or reduce your monthly payments for up to three months. This could provide much needed help if you need it, but it won’t be suitable for everyone and it won’t be free money. Find out more information by contacting your mortgage lender. 
Budget Planner 
A guide on how to budget includes a free budget planner which analyses your finances to help you manage and control your cash. 
Wider Wallet 
Wider Wallet part of your staff benefit package. This website provides access to a package of benefits and discounts, all designed to make your money stretch further. Register using the code WW4662S 
Changing Direct Debits and Standing Orders 
You may need to change the payment dates for your Direct Debits and Standing Orders. The best thing to do if you are unsure of how to do this is to contact your bank or building society for help and guidance. All of their contact details can be found on the internet. 
Please use the link below to find out a general information about direct debits. 
General financial support information 
Information to support you if you are struggling to pay your bills due to coronavirus. 
The Keep Us Moving initiative from Lucozade is a pledge to help support the fitness and coaching industry by giving you, the experts, the opportunity to host online classes through their social channels. 
Every weekday they will be featuring a different 15 minute session and paying that coach £1k from the fund. 
You will only receive £1k if your session is featured on their social media channels, but if they are unable to feature it they will not use, make available or broadcast it anywhere. 
They are looking for great workouts, coaching sessions, tips or instructional videos that the nation can do from home to stay active. 
As an expert they want you to send them your sessions, be creative, be fun, be energetic, be safe and most of all keep us moving. 
10 July 2020 
Latest Update from John Fletcher 
As always thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. 
Following the Government announcement yesterday in relation to indoor gyms I am delighted to confirm that we will be re-opening our centres on Saturday 25th July. 
Whilst this is positive news, due to continuing financial pressures and the ever potential threat of a possible spike we continue as planned to re-open with a phased approach. Over the next few days we will be working on aligning our plan to ensure we are ready to reopen in a secure and safe way on the 25th. 
Due to various media inaccuracies and exaggerations regarding gyms many of our customers will be cautious about returning to our facilities. To encourage confidence in our customers we will be focusing on: 
• Implementing our safe environment plan and the systems necessary to deliver this 
• A positive consumer confidence message – ‘Staying Fit Together in a Safe Environment’ 
• And ensuring we always deliver the processes and safe environment plan when we reopen 
The reopening announcement is just the start of our recovery as a business and we will continue to work with our team and partners to deliver a safe environment. We will also continue to work with other organisations within the industry to pressure the Government for further financial support. 
I would like to reiterate my genuine thanks to each and every one of you during what has been and remains a very difficult time. Your continued patience is appreciated as we start the phased reopening of our business and I look forward to welcoming you back to work. 
If you have any questions or for further information please visit the staff webpage. 
Thanks again 
Team Trilogy 
John Fletcher 
Managing Director 
08 July 2020 
Latest Update from John Fletcher 
Once again thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. 
Trilogy has now been closed for trading for approximately 110 days, nearly a third of the year. However, Boris Johnson has been indicating recently on various media outlets that the Leisure Industry may reopen within a couple of weeks. 
We understand that there has been some detailed discussion regarding the management of airflow within gyms and once this has been ironed out, then a date for reopening will be made clear. 
I understand that this is an uncertain time for everyone, however, we remain positive and optimistic about our future as a business and remain confident that we will be open and welcoming customers back into our facilities very soon. 
As previously mentioned, we have been working on clear communications to showcase what Trilogy is doing to keep its customers safe through our ‘Staying fit together in a safe environment’ campaign. 
If you haven’t seen it already on our social media platforms, here is our ‘Staying fit together in a safe environment’ campaign video: 
We also have a ‘Welcoming you back’ webpage and press release ready to go as soon as we get a date to reopen. 
We continue to develop our relationship with NBC ensuring we receive their support throughout this difficult time. We also continue to work with UK Active directly, following the reopening framework and receiving information and guidance from the industry. 
We are working hard on researching all possible funding and financial support streams for NLT and we are actively looking into funding for loss of income via NBC to see if we are eligible for this support. 
Once again if you have any questions or for further information please visit the staff webpage. 
Thanks again for your continued support. 
Team Trilogy 
John Fletcher 
Managing Director 
01 July 2020 
Latest Update from John Fletcher 
Once again thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. 
As you can appreciate at this stage, we are receiving limited information from Government regarding the opening of Leisure Centres & Soft Play facilities. 
Several articles in the mainstream media recently have supported our cause and the call to reopen Leisure Facilities. Other than the general mention of a reopening date mid-July there has been no further information from Government. 
We understand that the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, PHE Deputy Director and representatives from SAGE are visiting Leisure Facilities this week to review the safety of our industry for reopening. Hopefully these visits will nudge the Government into making a clear decision to reopen Leisure Centres very soon and I am still confident we will get a reopening date in July. 
Please also remember to support the cause & sign this petition: 
During the closure period there has been a lot of working going on to ensure we’re ready to re-open our doors to the public and as you can see from the images at Lings Forum, the gym equipment has been relocated ensuring we meet the social distancing guidelines (in all of our facilities). 
We are now developing clear communications for customers to understand what Trilogy is doing to keep them safe through our ‘Staying Fit Together in a Safe Environment’ campaign. 
Once again if you have any questions or for further information please visit the staff webpage 
Thanks again for your continued support. 
Team Trilogy 
John Fletcher 
Managing Director 
26 June 2020 
Latest Update from John Fletcher 
Once again thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. 
Following on from the Government announcement this week that Leisure Centres will remain closed, UK Active has issued a statement that Leisure Centres could open from mid-July. 
As previously mentioned this is still speculation. However, the announcement is simply a delay in our plans and we remain both optimistic and confident Trilogy Leisure will reopen its doors very soon. 
I have written to both the Prime Minister and our local MPs conveying our disappointment and requested that the decision is reversed. 
My voice is one of many and with a collective effort, this could add pressure on the Government to review and change their decision. 
NLT has posted a statement online to all our members asking for their support and to contact their MP expressing their disappointment that Leisure Centres remain closed. I ask you all to join that support by emailing your local MP, and to lend your voice by signing the petition below to pressure the Government to reverse this decision. 
Michael Ellis – Northampton North - 
Andrew Lewer – Northampton South - 
Andrea Leadsom – South Northamptonshire - 
Unfortunately, due to the decision this week we have had to review our timeline to bring staff back from furlough. If you are directly affected by this change you will be receiving a letter clarifying the situation within the next few days. 
Once again if you have any questions, or for further information please visit the staff webpage 
Thanks again for your continued support. 
Team Trilogy 
John Fletcher 
Managing Director 
25 June 2020 
Latest Update From John Fletcher 
23 June 2020 
Latest update from John Fletcher 
Dear Colleagues 
Once again thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. 
As you were aware, we were very hopeful and confident that the Government would announce today that the Leisure Industry could to re-open its facilities on 4th July. We have been working towards this date, preparing the facilities and developing our communications ready to go live. 
We were shocked and disappointed when the announcement came today that the hospitality sector could re-open on the 4th July (Bars & Restaurants), however Indoor Gyms and Swimming Pools would remain closed to the public. 
We have spoken directly with UK Active regarding this position and unfortunately there is zero clarity on a date for Leisure Centres to re-open, and the Government at this stage is giving no indication when a date will be announced. 
There is some speculation that Leisure Centres will be given the green light to open mid-July, however this is speculation at this stage. 
Over the next couple of days, we will consider the information coming from Government (not the media interpretation) and review our position and approach before we move forward. 
We are currently in dialogue with NBC, UK Active and all relevant organisations, ensuring we receive the correct information and widest support possible for NLT at every stage. 
The announcement today was not what we expected and not what we wanted; however, we will continue to push for an opening date via UK Active and we remain confident and positive. 
Team Trilogy 
Kind regards 
John Fletcher 
Managing Director 
16 June 2020 
Latest update from John Fletcher 
Dear Colleagues 
Once again thank you for your continued support and patience during this difficult time. 
Unfortunately, industry position has not changed since last week, and despite UK Active lobbying the Government via the DCMS there is still no clarity on a confirmed opening date for Leisure Centres. 
We continue preparations to re-open our Gyms on the 4th July and are in the process of ramping up communications to our customers via our ‘staying fit together, in a safe environment’ message. 
To ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines, and to keep our customer’s safe, as part of our re-opening plans we are relocating some of the gym equipment into our Dance Studios & Sports Halls and moving a number of fitness classes into larger areas. This will enable us to accommodate more members where appropriate. 
We are keen that all staff returning to work have completed technical refresher training along with specific CV-19 training. Your Line Manger will make contact with you over the coming weeks to discuss this. 
We have had a positive response from our partners (NBC) and have been fortunate to secure a small discretionary grant from them to help support our business during this lockdown period. However with zero income we are managing every aspect of our financial position closely to ensure the business is able to re-open. 
As you will be fully aware this is a difficult time for everyone and although we remain confident in our ability to re-open safely and encourage our customers to return to Trilogy, we are under no illusions this will be easy and continue to do everything we can to support the business. 
It is important to understand that when we re-open, the customer journey and work environment will be a different place prior to closure, with social distancing, ‘bookable only’ sessions, additional cleaning procedures and a managed customer journey. 
With this in mind we ask for your understanding, support and flexibility to ensure we can create a safe and welcoming environment for all. 
If you have any questions, queries or ideas please use the form at the top of the page. 
Remember ‘Team Trilogy’ we will bounce back stronger. 
I look forward to catching up with you all very soon. 
Team Trilogy 
John Fletcher 
Managing Director 
Northampton Leisure Trust 
12 June 2020 
Latest update from John Fletcher 
Dear Colleagues,  
Firstly I would like to thank you for your continued support and patience during this difficult time and trust that you are keeping well. 
As previously mentioned we are preparing for a phased re-opening starting potentially with Gyms returning on 4th July once we get the ‘final okay’ from Central Government. The opening of other activities will follow dependent on the success of the gym launch and customer response. 
We will endeavour to open swimming pools dependent on the direction from Central Government and if this activity is deemed to be economically viable. I will keep you up to date as we move forward. 
To reiterate my previous message, we are doing everything within our power to ensure we safeguard staff and customers, this includes the introduction of a ‘Safe Environment Plan’ based on the UK Active framework, CV-19 specific training for all staff, the introduction of PPE equipment, clear guidance for customers, the relocation of equipment to ensure safe social distancing and management of the customer flow. 
Throughout this period we have ceased all non-essential costs, minimised all essential costs, actively pursued all funding, grants and loan options to support our cashflow, and have engaged directly with our host authority for political, capital and revenue support to keep the business afloat. 
We are engaging on a regular basis with NBC and you may have seen the recent positive article outlining the Capital Investment for plant and machinery. NBC have also politically and practically outlined their support for the continued long-term partnership with NLT. 
NLT continues to engage closely on a weekly basis with Community Leisure UK, UK Active, Sport England, Swim England and all other relevant organisations for guidance. 
Upon opening we intend to maximise income by communicating directly with all cancelled members, offer a PAYG option to encourage consumer confidence in our product, launch a short-term discounted membership offer (supported by flash sales). We are also looking at how we can develop and monetise our live online class offering. 
Over the coming weeks as we plan for the re-opening of the business you will receive details regarding a phased return to work. Please do not be concerned if you do not receive this, you are not being ignored and will receive details in due course. The furlough scheme is complex, HR guidance is constantly changing and there is a large volume of information to adhere to. Should you wish to discuss or clarify any of the details contained in the information we send please speak directly with your Line Manager or email your questions via the staff website. 
Once again a sincere thank you for your support, understanding and patience. Working collectively as a team I remain optimistic and positive about the future of NLT. 
Team Trilogy 
John Fletcher 
Managing Director 
Northampton Leisure Trust 
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