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Volunteering opportunities to support services during the corona virus include: 
• tackling loneliness through phone or face-to-face contact, where appropriate 
• prescription collection for someone who finds themselves unable to leave the house 
• community support such as transporting items between foodbanks or helping in a kitchen 
Covid-19 – Staff Questions – Our Answers 
(The answers to the questions below are what we understand the position to be at present : should this change or more information become available we will update the answers where necessary) 
Q: Can I get part time work to make up my 20% where I have been furloughed? 
A: HMRC guidance says that you can be put on furlough by one employer and continue to work for another – but in accordance with the terms and conditions of your employment you may need to agree any additional employment with your line manager 
Q: Do staff accrue A/L while on furlough - e.g. if staff are furloughed for 3 months - will they get 75% of their A/L entitlement this year? 
A: Leave will accrue for the whole period. We will consider sympathetically requests to carry forward leave from this year to the next where it is not possible to use all leave. 
Q: Will payslips be posted out 
A: We will post payslips out where possible 
Q: Will casual staff doing regular work be paid the 80% 
A: Casuals who qualify under the terms of the Governments job retention scheme will get 80% of the higher of either what they earned in the equivalent pay period last year or their average for either the year (or if they haven’t worked that long the average so far this year) 
Q: Will we also be paid on 20th off each month? Or will we be getting paid at the end of the month? 
A: We are changing the pay date to the end of the Month from May. You will be paid in April on the 20th 
Q: When we do return will we still receive 12 months annual leave? Or will it be adjusted to 9 months? (As an example if we are off for 3 months) 
A: Leave will accrue for the whole period. Leave will not be adjusted 
Q: Will the holiday pay from 2019-2020 which would be due in next months wages be affected ? 
A: If hours owed not already claimed, will be rolled over to claim when we re-open. 
Q: In terms of the intricacies of furlough if it is going to impact my other job by being furloughed on 2 different employers. If it does not affect my other income then I do not mind. 
A: This will not affect your other job. You can be furloughed in one job and still work the other. 
Q: How does this affect maternity pay? 
A: Maternity Pay will continue as normal. 
Q: With holiday already taken in these months we are on furlough. Do we get given them back when we return? 
A: Yes - these will be added back unless someone wishes to take them. You can though opt to take them and be paid at your 100% rate for these days. 
Q I am presuming that contracted staff are not expected in 
A You presume correct. All staff are not to come in to work as the facilities are closed. This remains in place unless you are contacted and informed otherwise. We will be sending letters out to all staff just as soon as we can with details of everything you need to know. 
Q Will there be any monetary reimbursement for casual employees over the next few weeks that we are closed? 
A We will be writing to staff in the next week (posted to home address) setting out what we will be doing. It is our intention to maximise the support that has been announced by the government and apply the provisions as much as we can. 
Q I was wondering if trilogy has applied for the workers retention scheme by the government 
A We will be writing to staff in the next week (posted to home address) setting out what we will be doing. It is our intention to maximise the support that has been announced by the government and apply the provisions as much as we can. 
Q Just checking in. I've read the latest updates. Do we need to log in anywhere else specific? 
A The web page is the place to log into to keep informed. We will be writing to staff in the next week (posted to home address) setting out what we will be doing. It is our intention to maximise the support that has been announced by the government and apply the provisions as much as we can. 
Money Saving Expert Advice on Coronavirus 
This website includes support on: 
Financial product support 
Help for renters 
Energy bill help 
Coronavirus and mortgage payment holiday 
The mortgage payment holiday will provide flexibility in repaying your mortgage by allowing you to stop or reduce your monthly payments for up to three months. This could provide much needed help if you need it, but it won’t be suitable for everyone and it won’t be free money. Find out more information by contacting your mortgage lender. 
Budget Planner 
A guide on how to budget includes a free budget planner which analyses your finances to help you manage and control your cash. 
Wider Wallet 
Wider Wallet part of your staff benefit package. This website provides access to a package of benefits and discounts, all designed to make your money stretch further. 
Changing Direct Debits and Standing Orders 
You may need to change the payment dates for your Direct Debits and Standing Orders. The best thing to do if you are unsure of how to do this is to contact your bank or building society for help and guidance. All of their contact details can be found on the internet. 
Please use the link below to find out a general information about direct debits. 
General financial support information 
Information to support you if you are struggling to pay your bills due to coronavirus. 

Staff Briefing - 1 April Hi everyone,  Please find below a small number, but important items for your information.  Posted on yesterday’s web page there were a few items relating to secondary work or another job not relating to the Trust. As mentioned previously, this area has been an ever moving picture, however, we have been able to source some information from HMRC that will ensure that you are better informed. It looks as though you can take on another job to try and make up the 20% reduction that you will be experiencing which is positive news should you wish to pursue this.  I would advise that you gain as much information as possible to ensure that you are complying with the HMRC regulations before you proceed – from what we understand, you can engage in another job:   “HMRC guidance says that you can be put on furlough by one employer and continue to work for another – but in accordance with the terms and conditions of your employment you may need to agree any additional employment with your line manager”   In the meantime, we are not requesting an employee needs to gain permission from the Trust to undertake any extra work, however, please remember that you must be able to comply with all your contracted working commitments when we re-open after the pandemic restrictions are lifted.  In addition, you will find that there has been a post placed on the webpage giving helpful information titled ‘How to Manage Your Finances’. I know a number of staff have asked questions about this subject and we are trying to provide information that may be helpful in light of the proposed pay date move in May. The earlier actions can be taken, the better!.  We are continuously searching for assistance from our strategic partners and we will pursue every avenue we can to support the Trust, now and in the near future!.  Thank you once again for your patience and understanding.  Kind regards,  Ian     Staff Briefing - 30 March Hi everyone,  As you will be aware, all those members of staff who received a letter from the Trust over the weekend have been ‘Furloughed’. This process to ‘Furlough’ has been a difficult decision and process to go through. Not all those positions where a member of staff is still working, may still be subject to furlough in the future – we are working very closely to match our needs against cost and reviewing our position daily!. It is a very complex situation that a large number of companies are enduring.  We understand the anxiety the current Coronavirus situation maybe causing you personally.  We have had to make the tough decision to furlough the majority of NLT staff to protect the business and protect future jobs, to ensure that NLT remains solvent, so that we can continue to operate as a business in the future, protecting jobs for staff ensuring there is a company to return to when this situation gets back to normal .  I’m sure you are aware that NLT is completely self-funded through income and the company does not receive financial support from local government, therefore when we closed the centres our income streams stopped and our membership income is reducing to a minimum on a daily basis.  The result of this loss of income means we have minimal funds to cover expenditure, therefore our only option is to reduce this expenditure to a minimum where we can.  NLT does not want to lay staff off with no pay, so we have taken advantage of the support from central government where we can to minimise the impact.  We understand that reduced pay levels causes anxiety, however we are making the best decision we feel at the time, with the information we have for staff across the board to protect the business and jobs in the long run, we do understand that this decision will affect staff individually, however we are aiming to make a decision that protects the company for all.  There are certain staff who have not yet been placed on furlough to continue to manage the business, deliver communications, run payroll, manage suppliers, make the decisions, interact and support NBC / NGH, look after the facilities and keep NLT ticking over and these staff are being paid to deliver these necessary duties, this team is being reviewed daily as mentioned above.  We do understand this is a difficult time, that emotions are tested, unfortunately because of this unprecedented global pandemic, our income has disappeared and we are having to make decisions we would prefer not to, to protect everyone’s future in the business. We understand that not everyone will be comfortable with these decisions, unfortunately we just have no other choice at this present time.  We are working with all our partners and seeking financial support where we can, however information is changing all the time and therefore things do change. We are adapting where we can on a regular basis and working hard to hold this business together for everyone, however at this point many funding conditions are out of our control.  Thank you for your understanding and your co-operation and thank you for contributing to the NLT webpage where you can post your concerns/question.  Kind regards,  Ian   Staff Briefing - 27 March Hi everyone,  Please see below today’s brief.  As you are all aware, we are coming to the end of the first week of all our Centre’s being closed and nearly the end of the first week of ‘lockdown’. I genuinely appreciate everyone’s efforts in ensuring we are keep our centre’s ticking over, answering telephones and communicating with our customers whilst keeping a close eye on financial forecasting and doing everything we can to ensure that we maintain a positive position. The live and pre-recorded classes on our Facebook are being extremely well received and we are receiving lots of positive comments – keep up the great work!.  All those members of staff who are being ‘furloughed’ will receive a letter on Monday to your home address confirming your situation. As well as the letter, there is a brief below that assists with the understanding of ‘furlough’ as well as a link to a Government website. I sincerely hope that these items gives you a better understanding during these unprecedented times!.  Please see below information relating to the term ‘furlough’.  Information for NLT employees – 27.03.20  We understand and appreciate that it is a difficult time for all a present  Thank you for your understanding and patience during this situation, we are attempting to translate the huge amount of information coming from central government and understand what that means for NLT  What does furlough mean to you?  Furlough is a granted leave of absence for employees, granted because of the situation related to the Coronavirus  Obviously, this is a tough decision for NLT, however we are focussed on protecting the company and supporting our employees and furloughing staff is the most prudent approach at this present time  During the furlough period you are not expected to complete any work for NLT (it is a granted leave of absence), you cannot work for NLT or another employer whilst you are furloughed, you can however volunteer for another organisation if you wish (but not for NLT)  Implementing a furlough allows NLT to protect staff and avoid laying off employees whilst also reducing expenditure and cost to protect the company’s future and ultimately people’s jobs  During the furlough period you will not be required to work, please keep in-touch and up to date with information regarding the position of NLT by visiting this page.  Once the period of furlough comes to an end, you will be given notice in writing to return to work for NLT and resume your existing position, NLT will review on a regular basis it’s position and keep all employs up to date  You will not be required or permitted to perform any work with NLT whilst you are classified as a Furloughed Worker  How much will I get paid  In line with government funding employees who are furloughed will receive 80% of existing monthly pay, this payment will be paid by NLT in the usual way and claimed back from central government on your behalf  You will receive 80% of your pay during the furlough period  Income tax and national insurance deductions will still be made from your monthly pay, the minimum length NLT can furlough staff is for a period of three weeks  Exceptions to the rule  The above information is always changing, and we are awaiting further clarification on all matters from central government, therefore this information is only relevant now and may change.  In addition, please access the link below that will connect you to the Government website for more information:  I will be back in touch on Monday, however, in the meantime, have a restful weekend!.  Kind regards,  Ian   Staff Briefing - 25 March Hi everyone,  Once again, I wanted to bring you ‘up to speed’ with relevant matters, however, today there aren’t a great deal of matters to share with you!.  We held a Board Meeting yesterday evening where we had to use conference calling to conduct the meeting. All went well and we have been requested to conduct monthly meetings rather than every two months until matters concerning ‘lockdown’ are relaxed. They were extremely supportive and asked for me to pass on their sincere thanks to everyone in the Trust in the way that you have dealt with this difficult situation and maintaining a great level of service to our customers!. Please keep up the great work!.  I am really pleased to hear that a number of staff have been using the ‘staff webpage’ and updating their information in order that we have the most up to date contact information – thank you.  Yesterday, I sent out a link to inform you of opportunities to engage in ‘voluntary’ work. It would be very much appreciated if you could let either Claire Wellington or James Seymour know if you are undertaking this valuable type of work and supporting our local communities. If you can let us know who the organisation is and what you are doing to support them. We can then post the support that you are giving on our Social Media pages. We won’t give your name etc. if that would be preferred!?. We can then demonstrate to our viewers that as a Charitable Trust, we are supporting other organisations.  Once again, thank you for all the support that you are giving the Trust!.  Kind regards,  Ian   Staff Briefing - 24 March Hi everyone,  As we anticipated, Boris Johnson made the announcement yesterday evening that the country would go into ‘lockdown’ with immediate effect. This will assist in the reduction and the growth of the virus and keep more people safe. Every one of us should follow the instructions to reduce our personal risk!.  I want to ensure that as many staff as possible can be communicated with, and in order to do so we have set up a URL/Webpage where staff can login in and read the latest updates, advice and ask questions.  The link is  It would be very much appreciated if you could login and then we can communicate with you in a more efficient and effective way.  Another link is for those who during this period of closure wish to embark on Voluntary work in assisting those in our communities who are vulnerable or where recognised voluntary organisations require staff resources.  The link is  There has been a great deal of positive feedback from our customers who have gone on to our Facebook page and accessed the classes that can be participated in at home, keeping our customers engaged and maintaining their participation in physical activity – it is very worthwhile engaging in this and staying as fit as possible!. Thank for your continued engagement with us and stay safe!. Kind regards, Ian   Staff Briefing - 23 March   Hi everyone,  First of all, a big thank you to all of you who have been involved today in closing the buildings down and the fantastic work and understanding everyone has shown so far!.  As you will appreciate we are working, as most businesses are, in an ever moving environment and things are changing daily, sometimes hourly. We are doing everything we can to keep abreast of this and absorbing the information in order to make informed decisions. As you will have seen, the Government has offered 80% support funding to assist with peoples salaries moving forward. There are a number of terms and conditions that have to be conformed to by companies. We are working through these to ensure that we can be successful in accessing the Government funding.  I can inform you that all members of staff will be receiving a letter by the ending of the week to your home address outlining where we are at and what we will have to do to access this funding. We are being absolutely realistic and believe that the Government will impose a ‘lockdown’ at some point soon. What we don’t know is how stringent this will be and how it will affect our daily lives.  We are communicating with our strategic partners (NBC, NGH, County Council and Duston PC) on a regular basis and will continue to do so. If there are any items that they may request of us, then you can be assured I will let you know.  In the meantime, please follow the Government’s and Public Health England’s advice and stay safe.  I will be in touch again shortly!.  Kind regards,  Ian    Staff Briefing - 20 March  Dear colleague,  As I am sure you will have heard this evenings brief given by Boris Johnson?.  His statement was that they are giving mandatory notice to close all leisure facilities as of midnight tonight!. We were expecting this at some point as this is what has happened in other countries. All our facilities will close this evening until we are given a mandate to re-open. We have no idea at this moment in time how long this will be!  I have decided to give everyone the weekend off if you were on duty, however, I am expecting all staff to report for work on Monday morning at your contracted time unless it is your rota’d day off (if this is the case, you will be informed by your centre what the instruction is for Tuesday).  I fully appreciate that there will be lots of questions that will need answering and we intend to do that on Monday and endeavour to answer everyone’s questions (you will be able to use nltconsult as a method of asking questions). In addition to the closure which has been announced, the Government have mentioned that there will be funding that we can apply for as a company. As yet, we don’t know the detail of that and we are expecting to receive more information on Monday. When we do receive the information, I will be writing to you again and keep you updated. I will also forward a list of useful contacts should you wish to use during these difficult times.  As I said earlier today, we have received our salaries today and we will be planning how we are going to plan our resources over the next number of weeks. Be absolutely assured that we have your welfare upmost in our minds and ensuring that we keep the business in good order so that we can re-open again as soon as this pandemic is over. I know that we will work together as a team and look after each other when there is a need. Your support in these matters is fully appreciated. We will get through this together.  I will be speaking with you again on Monday.  Thank you once again for your continued support!.  Kind regards,  Ian       CLOSURE OF LEISURE CENTRES & GYMS   20 MARCH 2020  Dear Customers Following the recent government announcement we are closing all of our centres at the end of the day today, Friday 20 March.  We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of our employees who have been working tirelessly on the front line as the situation has evolved.  As a Charitable Trust we are heartbroken at having to close our centres and stop the delivery of all of our physical activity programmes across local Northampton communities and in Peterborough. These are unprecedented and challenging times for everyone however, we believe in pulling together for the benefit of our communities and we know that as Trilogy members and customers you are with us on this. Every penny we receive from your memberships is reinvested back into our facilities and physical activity projects we deliver in the local community. The temporary closure of our buildings has huge consequences not only for us as a Trust but also the health of our customers & communities.  We are reaching out for your support and to ask you to continue with your monthly membership direct debits if you are able to do so during this difficult time. We do understand that this is not possible for everyone and therefore are putting processes in place to give you the option of freezing your membership until we re-open. We have put together some FAQs on our website which contains information on how to do this. We ask for your patience whilst we work as quickly as we can to process these requests. Our FAQs can be found below  Staying fit and active is the best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. We are busy putting together workouts, tips and advice on how you can stay active at home and in your local open spaces. Please do follow our social media channels over the coming weeks as we aim to continue to inspire active lifestyles and keep the Trilogy community active virtually.  Thank you for your continued support.  Best Wishes  Ian Redfern Managing Director   Customer FAQs  When are you closed from and when will you re-open? All of our centres – Berzerk, Cripps Recreation Centre, Danes Camp Leisure Centre, Duston Sports Centre, Lings Forum Leisure Centre, Mounts Baths and Trilogy Health & Fitness Peterborough will be closed from end of business on Friday 20 March 2020. We hope the closures will be for a minimal period of time but as yet we do not have a confirmed date for re-opening.  Can I freeze my membership? We are offering our direct debit members the opportunity to freeze their membership at no extra charge until we re-open.   How do I freeze my membership? If you wish to freeze your membership please email We thank you in advance for your patience as we work through your requests as quickly as possible.  Will you be providing home workout video content? We are providing all our members with ways to stay fit and healthy at home. We are working on home workout videos that will be made available via our social media channels in the coming days. Our partner Les Mills is also providing free workouts to help keep you active and working out at home. These are available at  What will happen to your employees whilst you are closed? The welfare of our employees is of utmost importance to us. Where possible employees will be working from home and continuing in their roles. Where this is not possible we are working with our partners to access central government funding to help us retain our employees during this difficult time.     CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE FROM TRILOGY LEISURE  18 MARCH 2020  Dear Customers  We have taken the decision to close The Forum Cinema today, Wednesday 18 March, until further notice.  This decision was made in light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the recent government advice which we continue to carefully monitor and follow.  We deeply value our movie-loving customers and your health and wellbeing is our number one priority during this difficult time.  We are proactively contacting any customers that have already made a payment to arrange a refund.  All of our other centres including Berzerk, Cripps Recreation Centre, Danes Camp, Duston Sports Centre, Lings Forum Leisure Centre and Mounts Baths are still fully open with full use of the gym, classes, racket sports and swimming pools.  As ever we look forward to welcoming you to our centres and please be assured that we look forward to welcoming you back to The Forum Cinema as soon as possible to enjoy a full slate of film releases.  Thank you for your continued support.  Best Wishes  Ian Redfern Managing Director   17 MARCH 2020 

Dear Customers 
As we enter these unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we wanted to reach out and ask for your support. 
As a Charitable Trust all of the profits we make are reinvested in our facilities for customers to use as well as fund physical activity projects in our local Northampton communities. Your continued membership at this challenging time for everyone really does make a big difference to those communities. 
As of today our centres are open and our activities are running as usual. As ever we look forward to welcoming you to our centres. 
We do though appreciate that this may change over the coming days and weeks as government guidelines are updated. 
Staying fit and active is our best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. If you can’t make it to one of our centres right now due to the Coronavirus, here is a free option from our partner Les Mills to help keep you active and working out at home. 
This platform offers 95 free workouts across 8 categories. We promise it won’t automatically collect your data and it will remain available as long as the disruption from Coronavirus continues. 
We will continue to provide updates via our website and social media channels as the situation develops. 
Thank you for your continued support. 
Best Wishes 
Ian Redfern 
Managing Director 
16 MARCH 2020 
Dear Members, 
We wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are taking the recommended extra precautions across our centres to help protect our customers and staff with the current Coronavirus situation. 
We are monitoring very closely the advice from Public Health England and we will let you know if anything changes. 
In the meantime we of course look forward to continue welcoming you into our centres. 
Here is what we’re doing to keep you safe at this important time: 
• We are continuously monitoring COVID-19 developments and are following the advice and guidance of Public Health England. 
• We have increased the number of cleaning hours across our centres. 
• We have extra stocks of hand wash and are supplying anti bacterial spray and blue roll across all of our gyms and fitness studios. 
• We have information posters in all of our centres giving advice on how our customers can protect themselves and each other. 
• We are monitoring our community based programmes and advising that if you feel unwell please do not attend. 
Here is what we’d like you to do to help us and other members: 
• Please wash your hands regularly with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. 
• Please cover your nose & mouth if you sneeze or cough and catch it in a tissue, or into your elbow if you’re mid-workout. 
• Please wipe down gym and studio equipment before and after use with the antibacterial spray and blue roll that is provided in our gym’s and studio’s 
• If you feel unwell please stay at home. If you have just returned from a country designated as high risk then please also stay at home. 
We will update our website and social media channels with any further information as it becomes available. 
Thank you for your continued support. 
Best Wishes 
Ian Redfern 
Managing Director 
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