Rules of Play 

Min Age 7+ - must be accompanied by adult 18+ 
8+ can play on their own / under 8’s ratio 2 children/1adult 
To ensure your visit is safe and fun we ask that all participants read this safety notice before you are allowed to play. 
• A child feeling unwell or with a recent injury must not use any of the equipment. 
• Food, drink, toys, jewellery, watches and mobile phones cannot be taken into the lazer arena. 
• No chewing gum or sweets are permitted in the lazer arena. 
• All sharp and/or hard objects must be removed prior to playing. 
• We advise children not to wear spectacles in the arena. 
• Shoes and socks must be worn at all times. No open sandals or flip flops are permitted. 
• All equipment should only be used as intended. 
• All children should follow instructions from the marshal at all times. 
• Lazer guns should only be used as intended. Must never be fired intentionally into the eyes. Do not stare directly into the lazer beam. 
• Lazer guns should not be thrown or used as a weapon. 
• The game is over when you hear the sounder. Please immediately stop play and leave the arena. 
• Climbing on the walls and obstacles in the arena is dangerous and forbidden. 
• Crawling on the floor of the arena is dangerous and forbidden. 
• Rough play and fighting is forbidden. Repeated misbehaviour will result in children being asked to leave. 
• Should a child get into difficulty whilst in the arena please call a member of staff to help. We have qualified 1st Aiders on duty at all times. 
• Customers are required to report all accidents / incidents that occur within their hire period to the Supervisor. 
• Any damage to or faults with the equipment, fixtures or fittings must be reported to the Supervisor. The named hirer is responsible for the booking and a charge may be made for any damage caused by persons attending the function. 
• Lazergeddon operates unisex toilet facilities. Parents need to supervise their children at all times. 
• Children using arcade machines must be supervised at all times. 
• Arcade machines should only be used as intended. 
• No refunds will be issued for arcade machines. 
• Fire doors within the arena are only to be operated in an emergency. 
• Lazer Marshals will be present during game play to ensure children are playing safely, however this is not a replacement for parental supervision. 
• Parents/carers should monitor for children becoming overheated or overtired. 
• Parents/carers should encourage their children to use the toilet before entering the lazer arena. 
If the above rules are followed, your visit will be fun and safe. If you have any concerns regarding safety at Lazergeddon, please see a member of staff who will be happy to help. 
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