TEAMICGIntroducing the brand new IC7 bikes, now in the MyRide studio at Cripps Recreation Centre.






map markerWhat Can IC7 Bikes Do?



map markerMyRide Class Types


Drill Classes - 15 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) drills focussing on speed, strength and endurance. Includes All That Jazz, Armageddon and Driller Killer

Fast Classes - 30 minute high intensity workouts to ignite your metabolism, burning more calories for up to 48 hours after your ride

Studio Coach - Immersive on-screen coach workouts. Riding to world-class instruction

Tour Coach –  Terrain-focused footage from all over the world paired with chart-quality music and world-class voice-over coaching

Myride®+ Live – Instructor lead classes.



map markerWhat is MyRide?

Get on the bike and head for the hills. And the canyons. And the desert plains. Cycle through high-definition virtual landscapes around the world. Have more fun and burn more calories than ever before. If your MyRide class was any more realistic, you’d be checking the traffic!


MyRide Benefits

MyRide offers all the cardiovascular and conditioning results you’d expect from a top-notch, indoor cycling programme: a stronger and healthier heart, improved blood flow, leg and core strength, body tone, a faster metabolism and increased energy.

What’s unique about MyRide is the enhanced sensation of forward motion and speed, the experience of riding a real bike and the eye-catching videography of stunning world locations. With these visual enhancements you’ll work harder as you actually sense the road or trail moving under and past you.


What’s Stopping You?

A virtual coach will coax you and push you to your max. There is a range of 20, 40 and 60 minute classes and a virtual coach will coax you and push you to your max. There are also plenty of live instructor classes on the timetable keeping you motivated.


Virtual Classes

Take a MyRide class with your virtual coach on screen. Or jump into a MYSPORTIF class and ride with an audio coach to jaw dropping scenery. Your virtual schedule features fat burn, cardio, sports or interval classes.


Live Instructor Classes

Follow your instructor across the world’s most breathtaking and challenging roads. Forests. Mountains. Even volcanoes. You create the action and burn hundreds of calories in the process.


Get Started

People of all fitness levels can participate in MyRide classes. Become fitter, live stronger and ride your bike in parts of the world you may never get to see.





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