Our rear car park (Bedford Road) at Cripps Recreation Centre will soon be operated by Parking Eye


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For our members this means increased safety and space availability.




The Parking Eye system goes live on Friday 22 June 2018. From this date please ensure you input your vehicle registration details at the Central Hub each time you enter Cripps Recreation Centre to avoid a £100 parking charge. 


The front car park is still operated by Northampton General Hospital therefore you still require a valid Trilogy Permit and a ticket from the pay and display machine (currently 60p).


Frequently Asked Questions


Where and how do I input my vehicle registration details?

We have two terminals clearly signposted in the Central Hub in the centre. Simply follow the instructions on the screen. 


If I go to the gym, swim and attend a class, is there a parking time limit?

There is maximum time limit of 3 hours for our customers 


What happens if I am just dropping off?

There is a 10 minute drop off/pick up grace period 


 Will I be issued a parking charge if I forget to register my vehicle on entry?

You can register your vehicle on the way in or way out of the centre 


Will Parking Eye clamp down on people parking poorly making it difficult for people to get in and out of marked spaces? 

The system will not penalise people for poor parking.  By restricting the car park to Cripps members only, this should free up more spaces for our customers thereby reducing the need for people to park selfishly. 


What time will the system turn off?  How will it affect me if I’m attending a function?

The system is in place 24 hours a day.  There is a maximum of 3 hours in one stay. 


What happens if I receive a parking charge even though I have entered my vehicle details on the terminal correctly?

Systems are in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. However should you receive a parking charge you believe to be in error you will need to appeal this directly with Parking Eye. Please contact Parking Eye via the contact information provided on the Parking Charge notice. 


I want to appeal a Parking Eye charge, how do I do this?

Any parking charge appeals can only be dealt with by contacting Parking Eye directly. Please use the contact information provided on your parking charge notice. 

If you have a question not covered in our FAQs please call 01604 838333 and speak to one of our customer advisors.