"Inspiring Active Lifestyles"

Northampton Leisure Trust operates a number of facilities under the Trilogy brand in partnership with Northampton Borough Council and Duston Parish Council to provide active lifestyles in Northampton.

We run the following facilities

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Northampton Leisure Trust was launched on 1 April 2011 to provide sport (and development), leisure, play and cultural cinema opportunities for the communities of Northampton and its surrounding areas.

Northampton Leisure Trust is registered at companies house under Unity Leisure registred number 7555631 and has charity status (Charity number 1145613)

Northampton Leisure Trust is a 'company limited by guarantee', has 'charitable status’ and is a 'not for profit' organisation.


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Northampton Leisure Trust - Annual Report 


Trust's Structure

Seven Company Members and thirteen Trustees influence the strategic direction of the company and give professional advice voluntarily to the Trust’s Management Team, which is led by the Managing Director, Ian Redfern.

The Company Members are high profile organisations and the Trustees are well respected representatives of our communities who bring a wealth of professional knowledge and experience to the vision of the Trust.

The Sport and Play Development Team works in partnership with various agencies to co-ordinate opportunities for people to take part in sport and play as well as to promote the health benefits of an active lifestyle.

The Team can provide information on local clubs, coach education and training along with advice and encouragement for local organisations to promote sport and play in their communities.

Annual Report & Strategy Documents

Northampton Leisure Trust Strategy 2018 - 2023

pdfDownload the Strategy here


Northampton Leisure Trust Annual Report 2017-18



 Past Annual Reports.....

Northampton Leisure Trust Annual Report 2016-17

pdfDownload the Annual Report here

  Northampton Leisure Trust Annual Report 2015-16

Download the Annual Report here

  Northampton Leisure Trust Annual Report 2014-15

pdfDownload the Annual Report here

Northampton Leisure Trust Annual Report 2013-14

pdfDownload the Annual Report here

Northampton Leisure Trust Annual Report 2012-13

pdfDownload the Annual Report here

Environmental Policy
Safeguarding Policies

If you want to talk over any concerns with someone outside your club/organisation you can contact the Child Protection in Sport Unit, NSPCC helpline or ChildLine.

Specific contact information

If you have any concerns around children, young people, vulnerable adults or staff in Northampton Leisure Trust's programmes or facilities please refer to the following policies and procedures.

Safeguarding - Children and Young People

Safeguarding - Vulnerable Adults


Child Admissions Policy